PupScouts Spreading Joy to MPTF Seniors

November 05, 2013

PupScouts Spreading Joy to MPTF Seniors

The MPTF ( the Motion Picture and Television fund) is currently constructing a dog park on their campus exclusive for it’s residence. The Pupscouts will be visiting this dog park on a monthly basis to charm and delight our favorite senior stars beginning in early 2014 and most likely we will be apart of their grand opening. Woof..woo..hooo!

Our  Pup Scout troop leader and owner of 100% Angel, Jennifer Shipstad, connected with the head of group activities / volunteering for the Motion Picture and Television fund. This 40 acre senior residential community is designed exclusively for entertainment industry retirees and spouses and provides a unique environment geared to this special group. They pride themselves on their many recreational and social activities, in addition to opportunities to interact with the working entertainment community. They are very dog friendly. Many of the residences have a dog(s).

We can’t wait! Click here to check out their website!

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