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Pamper your Pet by Aurora James, Guest Blog Writer from Dog Etiquette

February 17, 2020

Pamper your pet


Tips for Pampering your Pet

 Welcoming a pet into your home doesn't just bring your joy; it's also good for your overall health. Research shows that simply petting an animal can alleviate stress, and one Cambridge University study found that pet owners were less susceptible to ailments like headaches, hay fever, and colds. As a loving pet owner, you can repay your four-legged friend for all they do for you by pampering them. By following the tips below, you can give your cat or dog a taste of the luxury life without breaking the bank. 

Upgrade Your Pet’s Dining Habits

 Your favorite four-legged companion deserves better than a couple plastic food bowls set up on a scrap of old newspaper. Revamp their dining space by getting monogrammed personalized pet bowls. This also has added practical benefits if you have more than one animal in the home and need to keep their food bowls separate. 

 Of course, you should address not only the exterior of your pet’s food dishes but also what’s inside. Instead of buying the cheapest brand, invest in high-quality chow. For example, top-rated dog food brands source ingredients locally or use organic ingredients. Also, higher-quality goods rely on animal-based proteins like turkey, salmon, and chicken. If you really want to feed your pup high-quality food, you can also look into having freshly prepared meals delivered to your home.

 Buy Luxury Pet Bedding for Your Pet’s Comfort

 Like people, animals need sleep to survive. A good night’s sleep keeps their bodily organs and systems functioning. To ensure your furry friend consistently gets the rest they need, set up their own private “bedroom” specifically for sleeping. This allows them to associate this spot with “quiet time” and encourages restfulness.

 You can pamper your pet by selecting a luxury bed that enhances their comfort. PetCo offers luxury bedding for both cats and dogs. They even have mini couches, finally allowing your pup to indulge in the usually forbidden habit of sitting on the furniture. When selecting a dog bed, make sure it's big enough for them to flop down in all positions. Round or oval beds are ideal for canines that curl up, while mattress-style beds work best for those that lie flat.

 Allow Your Pet to Travel with Cutting-Edge Mobility Aids

 When you have to go somewhere, leaving your pet behind can be heartbreaking. Luckily, there are many tools available to accommodate pet mobility. For example, if you like to go bike riding, you can get a dog bike trailer, many of which are easily collapsible, making them perfect for traveling.

 If you’re going on a road trip, you can keep your large dog in a crate in the back. This ensures that they are comfortable and keeps you safe, preventing them from interfering with your driving. For smaller dogs or cats, comfy carriers are available. There are soft and hard models, and you can choose from luxury additions like built-in dishes for water and kibble. Mesh panels allow for breathability and soothe anxious pets.

 Invest in Tech-Savvy Tools for Your Pet’s Entertainment

 To really give your pet a taste of the luxe life, look into unique entertainment opportunities for their amusement. Say you have a dog that spends daytime home alone while you're at work, for example. You can set them up with DOGTV to keep them company. This is a 24/7 channel featuring programs scientifically developed to keep canines company. It can help in particular with dogs that experience separation anxiety.

 You might not be able to fly your pet in a private plane, but you can still give them a small taste of luxury with these tips. Being able to pamper your dear animal will bring you joy — and keep them comfortable. Best of all, tips like investing in high-quality food contribute to their health, assuring them a long and happy life.

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