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1st PupScout meeting notes from Lola's Canine Couture

September 30, 2013

1st PupScout meeting notes from Lola's Canine Couture

Me (Woofie), my brother, and eight other doggies (plus their humans) met in Holmby Park — Hollywood Pup Scout Troop #12 was born! Send us a message if you want to join.

Pup Scouts are socially responsible dogs and their people who like to earn badges and attend fundraisers to raise money for less fortunate humans and dogs in their community. Like the Brownies and Cub Scouts, we have a pledge: “On my honor, I will do my duty, to help the dog community and my country, to help make humans smile, and to be there to guard and protect, especially those at home.”

Our Troop Leader, Jennifer Shipstad, opened the meeting with roll call and our pledge, then it was straight to business. The troop has lots of real nice dogs. My friend, the spectacular actress, Miss Coco Puffz was there. Then there was little Jack — he can’t be more then three pounds! And his pretty sister, Issabella. Sugarbaby, me & Bear represented the rescue dog faction. There was a really smart show dog named Tovi Shlomo and his friend, Missy. Then three stlyish fashionestas — Emmi, Sophia Loren and little Jade. The boyz in the troop have it made ’cause da girls are sooooooo fancy!!!

The first order of business was the calendar. We will be participating in three national events: The Cookie sale — Dog cookies, of course! Then next year’s Strut Your Mutt, sponsored by Best Friends Animal Society, and Bark for Life, sponsored by the American Cancer Society. Our troop’s events are gonna be real fun. The first badge we get to earn is the Wanna Be a Star Badge. It’s a celebrity style photo shoot on the Hollywood walk of fame. They’re making it real fancy, with press and maybe even a celebrity! The best part is some rescue dogs will be joining us and we’re gonna help them find homes!

We have some really fun stuff lined up where we get to be in mini-movies and photo shoots and even a fashion show! Who knew I’d go from the streets to the runway with all these new friends of mine! The meeting ended in with so much excitement. My mom was fitting everyone for their uniforms. Stay tuned for pictures! I’m posting some pictures from the meeting. I’m so happy to be a Pup Scout! I made lots of new friends who want to do good things just like me.

~Woofie Sweet-thing & Elmore Buttercup Bear of Lola's Canine Couture

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